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Ram Dass is Soaring

Waking up today, I see Ram Dass is soaring… That is the word that keeps coming to me every time I see a bird coasting in the wind across the rainy clouds this morning! Ram Dass magically resurrected for the December retreat which he really wanted to do. He swam with us in his beloved… Continue reading

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Counting Blessings

December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. The sun seems to stand still for a few days as the axis of the earth pauses and shifts direction to bring longer days and new light into the world. Winter solstice can be a time to reflect on our heart’s intention and… Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pilgrimage

Whether you welcome Thanksgiving as a harmonious feast day to celebrate with family and friends, or dread conflicts with family; whether you tell the story of Pilgrims and Indians enjoying three days of harvest festival bounty together, or mourn the genocide and conquest of Native Americans; the holidays can be a time of inner pilgrimage,… Continue reading

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He didn’t say much; he didn’t have to. The quality of his listening itself was so warm and loving, everyone would relax in his presence. Like my father, my beloved Uncle Jim was wise and focused; he could see the humor in all of our various life dramas. Losing him signals the last of his… Continue reading


Fire Dharma Talk

Fire Dharma Talk, 11/3/19. Trudy and Lama Rod Owens discuss the Buddha’s Fire Sermon, the fires raging in California, and the symbolism of fire and burning.

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Quenching the Fires

Jack and I just co-taught a meditation retreat at Spirit Rock with no electricity – until the very last evening. Imagine no hot water and no heat; it was 37 degrees when we woke up before dawn in the cold moonless black velvet night. Turning off my flashlight, I could see the vast starlit trail… Continue reading