Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

2013 Vanishing- Happy New Year

Sitting and walking on the beach this morning, I’m fascinated by the waves of incoming tide spilling on to the sand, led by a bright foamy line of whitewater. Hissing across the sand, the water rushes forward even as the sea draws in the next deep breath. The water is sucked back in to the next wave, a rippled trail of rivulets and bubbles sinking into the sand, vanishing, leaving a sheet of water as smooth as glass.

For a moment the beach at the water’s edge is a shiny blue sky,

dissolving as the water is swallowed by the sand until only a faint line remains. Footprints, castles, lines of trash and kelp, fade and melt, swept away by the tides, and the beach is smooth, pristine, new.

This year ends. A new year begins, and we punctuate the unbroken ebb and flow of life to celebrate. We celebrate our practice of loving awareness that smooths out the lumps and bumps of the past. We celebrate the ‘blank slate’ of new possibilities and new ways to be. We celebrate being alive!

The Buddha compared the myriad forms of this world to the foam floating on the Ganges river, empty, unsubstantial, without enduring essence. He said, see yourself as foam, look at the world like a bubble in a stream, as fleeting as a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, as evanescent as a star at dawn or a beautiful dream.

Sitting at the beach, I’m forever amazed that the waves keep rolling in – as one wave vanishes, a new one arises, crests and breaks, the waves of our future emerging as swells from the past, over the horizon. 2013 vanishes, 2014 is born. May it be a good year… year after year.

Image Credit: T. Goodman