Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Belonging to Life

Yesterday I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I was standing quietly in the elevator to the parking lot as a mom and her small daughter stepped in. The girl climbed on to the back of their shopping cart, her little feet on the lower basket, leaning back, hands hanging on, ready to ride — something you’ve probably done countless times as a child.

Suddenly I became that girl. It was not a memory, just the melting away of thought and individual identity into simple presence, standing there.  The scuffed walls of the dark elevator, the shopping carts and grocery bags, her red Tshirt, were vivid and bright as we began our stately glide up to the second floor. The space around us became us, sacred and still. Silent, radiant, loving awareness is all there was — is all there is when we’re truly mindful.

Tears welled up, tears of gratitude for the practices that unlock our innate natural ability to belong to life in this way. This is your birthright, your pabhassara citta, a clear, luminous heart. My deepest wish is for all beings to experience and trust this! How can we not cherish and take care of each other? How can we not cherish and protect our Earth?

Whether you become a committed environmental activist on behalf of our beleaguered planet or invest money or work for social justice or parent or do business or teach school or clean houses or look for a job or write, act, play music – whatever you do, for love or livelihood or both — you too, belong to life. We all belong in the clear bright wakefulness of presence! Here you can express your love, you can offer the goodness of your practice to all those whose lives you touch.




Image Credit: T. Goodman