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Bowing to Elephants Podcast: A Buddhist Teacher Considers Social Justice & Enlightenment with Trudy Goodman

I had the wonderful pleasure of being a part of Mag Dimond’s podcast, Bowing to Elephants, and it is out today!

From Mag’s newsletter about the release of our episode: As a Buddhist and psychotherapist, Trudy helps others lead more mindful, meaningful lives. She believes the tenets of Buddhism are ideal for fighting social injustice and that enlightenment is a never-ending process.

Trudy is the founding teacher of the InsightLA Meditation Center and the co-founder of the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy. She’s currently writing a memoir about her spiritual journey.

Listen to this episode today, and join us as we discuss:

  • Why Buddhists are well suited to battle social injustice and how InsightLA is evolving and diversifying
  • The United States’ history of oppressing people of color
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction and what sets InsightLA apart from other meditation centers
  • Trudy’s memoir and what inspired her to write it, including the pivotal and painful moments that shaped her life
  • Marriage and what it’s like being married to a successful author
  • A more balanced way to think about Enlightenment

Discover more about Trudy Goodman during her interview on the Bowing to Elephants Podcast, which you can listen to here.

Enjoy the show, and let me know what you think!

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