Trudy Goodman

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Carrying the Lamp of Dharma

Today two of our beloved InsightLA teachers, Christiane Wolf and Beth Sternlieb, will stand up, each holding a candle in her hand, and receive Dharma Transmission. They will share their enlightened intention for carrying the lamp of the Dharma in front of the assembled community at Spirit Rock.

In 2011, in a Teacher Authorization ceremony at InsightLA, Sharon Salzberg and I honored Beth and Christiane as they joined a noble lineage of countless generations of teacher-practitioners. Today we honor their great devotion in continuing their study and practice through four more years of this current teacher training.

Both Christiane and Beth are dedicating their lives to embrace and embody the practices of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. They’ve studied both ancient Buddhist traditions and ways of integrating current Western forms that are more diverse, democratic, feminine, ecological, informed by Western psychology, and engaged with social justice.

And while we can joyfully celebrate with them, the lamp is in our hands as well. Whenever we learn ways to tame our minds and open our hearts, a bit of that light is held in our hands. And we get to grow from its power and to nurture its flame so that it benefits us and all those we touch.

As you reflect on how these teachings have changed your heart and your life, remember, this lamp is yours, too, and cannot be taken from you. May it light up your life, and illumine our world.