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Mindfulness and Courage

During the last outing before self-quarantine last week, I stopped by my daughter’s house. Of course, I couldn’t go in so I left a package on the doorstep and waved to the family through the kitchen window. Hilary came close and planted a kiss on the window. I kissed her back from outside, a heartfelt… Continue reading

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Courage, Strength, Bone

The Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn, my first teacher, spoke to us about the importance of having what he called “bone.” We intuitively understood what he meant: the inner strength that comes from having the courage to be fully present with experience as it’s unfolding. The bones of our skeleton create the structure for all… Continue reading

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The house Jack rents faces an artificial lagoon ringed with houses in San Rafael, near the canal opening into the San Francisco Bay. There’s a little island with reeds, grasses, and small trees directly across from the house, hiding the houses behind it. There must be fifty ducks swimming and yes, ducking! under water to… Continue reading

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You Are Always Welcome

Once when my granddaughter Allie was 4 years old, a couple of her young neighbors came over to play, apologizing since it was a little late. As she opened the door, she immediately invited them in, saying, “You are ALWAYS welcome to come in.” I was struck by the warmth of this gracious gesture. It… Continue reading

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The Generosity of Springtime

Spring is coming alive! Tender buds and blossoms open into welcome warmth. Songbirds are here again, warbling goodmorning trills as the sun rises. Southern California is softly rousing from winter. Joy pours forth from the boundless generosity of nature, offering nourishment and beauty for all. Sometimes I forget the endless giving of land, light, trees,… Continue reading

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Love It All

Although Jack has been urging me to write a book for 20 years now, I’ve always felt I give my contribution to the world through my teaching. I happily share the love and wisdom that have come to me in this life, and that’s enough. Simple, intangible things satisfy me; the light of this morning’s… Continue reading