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Circles of Light

Many of you met my beloved cousin Myra Goodman when she taught with me at InsightLA and we shared practices from her new book, Quest for Eternal Sunshine, A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Darkness to Light. Now Myra is spearheading an initiative called Circles of Light, a daily meditation practice to connect people who are longing to do something to help at this challenging time in our nation. Many are wondering, how can I contribute at this time? Energy is created when we are aligned with love. The world needs the light of our loving awareness to move humanity towards what is in the highest interest of all beings. As meditators, we can gather the energy of our collective consciousness during this time of pandemic and polarization and turn towards the challenges we face with intelligence and compassion.

Activism takes many forms and has different definitions, they all stem from the conscious intention to better ourselves individually and collectively. Registering voters, joining resistance movements, working to change unfair laws – there are countless ways to work for social justice. When you choose to connect with the best in you and radiate that love, that counts too! Myra calls it ‘energetic activism’, referring to the energy we create together when we meditate. “Circles of Light” will gather weekly to radiate love and light far and wide, to all communities, with their diverse cultures, perspectives, ancestors. Doing this can be mysteriously powerful and can have an enormous impact, now and for future generations. For dates and times visit their page:

Doing this this, you join the lives of all ancestors. All those of us in existence right now are the ancestors of the generations to come. Offering your lovingkindness, you join the lives of all ancestors. During this little slice of our life that we are dedicating to Circles of Light, you join the lives of all ancestors and offer your presence as an engaged participant in the unfolding of the world. Instead of being tossed around on the wild, chaotic seas of this time, the practices offered can anchor you in calm. With the arising of calm in you, there is the arising of calm in others. The existence of one event is conditioned by another. All the elements of our existence – mind, body, internal, external worlds are all interdependent.

This is why my first teacher, the Korean Zen Master DSSN always told us “how you keep your mind is most important!” It matters to all those whose lives you touch. Let’s radiate goodness and love! Let’s give peace a chance, build strong systems of support – and develop a heart that is ready for whatever may come.