Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Communion with Ram Dass

This is a communion with Ram Dass after his death, sent from my friend Fiona Hancock in London. Fiona is a gifted being who is able to extend her consciousness beyond the limits of our ordinary perception. She has given her permission for me to share this with you:

As I sit down to connect with Ram Dass, a deep smile spreads across my face and I feel my heart swell with love. I feel an enormous sense of peace and joy. Above me in my clairsentient vision there is a bright, radiant light and beyond that a rainbow of such magnitude and beauty it is indescribable. Iridescent colours of every hue, tone and timbre each vibrate gently in a cacophony of exquisite light, radiance, colour and sound. It is as if each vibration of colour hums to its own unique resonance, creating a symphony of dazzling oceans of light.

Within the rainbow I see a laughing face and emerging gently forward to reveal himself is the being that I know to be Ram Dass. He is aglow, vibrant and laughing. He is one with everything—it is as he knew it to be and more than he could have ever comprehended. He looks youthful and whole—I sense that he is about 50, old enough to know but not so old that his body shows the wear and tear of his journey. His face is alight, his eyes twinkling, his moustache twitches upwards at the edges, his mouth curls upward and a beautiful laugh fills my soul.

I find myself able to blend with him and his energy: thoughts and words pour into me—I can hear, feel, see and sense them in a totality of communion that is as uplifting as it is exquisite. Whilst I am able to channel this energy into the written or verbal form, it nevertheless has to pass through me and therefore there is a degree of tainting that takes place. I wish that instead of interpreting I were able to somehow plug you in to flow energetically alongside of me so you could experience it all as I receive it. However, as that cannot be words will have to do…

“When you have walked towards death with absolute peace and are able to surrender to the process with no fear but rather a loving acceptance and an open heart the transition from life to light is seamless. Within the cycle of one inhalation to the next exhalation the soul is released and the weary broken body left behind. In the ocean of love and light the communion of the soul with God is complete. It is a timeless embrace, a return to home – it is like the sigh of reunion as you are once more held in the arms of your beloved.

I always said we are all just walking each other home and it was to home that I returned. There had been moments in my earthly life where I have reached out and for a fleeting moment touched ‘home’ but nothing can prepare you for the vast ocean of love that your soul returns to.

I dedicated my life to non-attachment and I was more than prepared to step out of Ram Dass, to say goodbye to the identity and incarnation that he was in order to return to the oneness—the great consciousness—but does the universe not always hold the cards closely?”

I can hear him roar with laughter as he shows me a door; in this vast, gigantic rainbow I can see a cheap, white wooden door—it is plain as is its hook and door handle. Hanging on the hook on the back of the door is a dressing gown—but as I look and tune into the dressing gown it morphs into the form of Ram Dass, as if the skin of his clothed body was like a coat hung upon the door. I can hear him laughing—he never dreamt he would need it again. However, Ram Dass is not done and the overcoat of his incarnation that he was so sure he would leave behind hangs for him to continue serving through.

“I see that my service through Ram Dass is not over. I do not need to leave the oneness to do this—when the soul has returned to the Source it is so vast that the human mind cannot conceive it. In fact, now I am free from the Earth I marvel that any human being is able to connect with any higher consciousness or awaken in any way. The human form—not just its ego and conscious mind but even the frequency of existence, the environment, its organs, body and skin—is all so heavy and dark it is like a lead shot or cannon ball. Deep within this leaden mass there is the light of God—the tiniest spark. The light of consciousness within the heart of every human is encased within such a leaden weight of existence—how any of us break free of its restrictions is a mystery. And yet we do—the call to the light of God is so profound, the call to return home so powerful that, against all odds, we break free of the casing and liberate ourselves.

The relief to be free of the weight of humanity is indescribable. The joy of being home, one, in a vast ocean of love and light is beyond the descriptive power of words—I can connect with everything, everywhere: the infinite galaxies, the stars in the night sky, the oceans of the earth, the breath of the planets, the breath of a newborn, the whisper of the passing soul. I am everything and everywhere. I am one. And yet an aspect of me can reach out and pull on the robes of Ram Dass in order to continue with his service.

If you held a mirror within the rainbow and deflected a beam of light (it is not dissimilar to the classic image of the glass pyramid refracting the beam of the rainbow), this beam of light shines down onto the earth and this tiny beam turns out to be so vast that it actually encompasses the entire world—wrapping it in a blanket of loving awareness. It is within this beam that I will be able to continue my service as Ram Dass.”

I can see Trudy and Jack teaching and the light of Ram Dass holding them, inspiring them, illuminating them with tender love. Dassima too. “In fact all of my beloved friends with whom I meditated, laughed and loved, all of you I can reach with the tiniest spark of intention. All you need to do is to open your mind and expand your heart to blend with me in loving awareness.

There is much more work to do. How funny when I was so very ready to put it aside. The world has past the tipping point and there are dark times ahead. But I do not despair for all over the world I see tiny beacons of light—children being born into the world bringing with them a unique frequency of insight and sensitivity, love and light. These beings will rise up as a collective force and slowly in the decades to come will heal the world. I will be working with these beings to ensure that their hearts continue resonating in the frequency of compassion and love.

I feel such immense joy and wonderment. I am love, I am light, I am everywhere, I am everything, I am the rainbow. Happiness on the earth is the realisation of God within the heart. To be realised with God after death is completeness.

I see now with even greater clarity the life of Ram Dass—every single thread that is woven together to form the warp and weft of the great tapestry of life. Buddha was indeed right that the human mind would go mad to see it all at play. Every step I took prepared me for the journey I would take, and within that journey the calling that led me to the teachings. Who could have foretold that those very teachings would in turn give me the skills and knowledge to sit, after my stroke, within my disability and that in turn my disability would gift me the opportunity of honing that awareness and practise even more. It is the perfect circle within the eternal spiral of life and eternity.

I did not want to see another year in. There is an energetic build up that completes the year, a climax that builds through Christmas, which in turn allows a huge energetic shift as people’s consciousness collects together to create the custom of New Year. There was no place for my death within this upsurge. I did not want to pass as the momentum built towards a new year and a new decade. That is for life and not death. And yet I wanted to complete the year, to see the seasons and touch the joyous celebrations of nature.

At times throughout the year my sickness enabled the veil to be drawn to one side (there was one time in particular that he was in hospital) and I was able to ‘dip’ my soul into the oneness. It was like a rehearsal for the final moment. I was surprised to feel fear within my body, a shudder of reluctance, however I was able to sit and hold this aspect of self until in turn it too let go and surrendered.

I wanted to complete one last retreat with Trudy and Jack, I wanted to bathe in the ocean one last time. For me the ocean was always the perfect metaphor of connection. The wave with the ocean, the light within the body with that of God and the return to the source as we immerse ourselves and bathe in the ocean of the universe.

I feel immense gratitude for the love that surrounded me as I passed. Waves of love carried me forward as I surrendered and let go. Haha even in the last breath—we still have to practise letting go. How very perfect. The outpouring of love since my passing has great energy and I can see the ripples of that love and light pouring out across the world as well as out to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. I have always taught that it is about the love and the light, and it is.

Light and love are the way, the path and the source. It is through the love and light that we connect with our divine essence and through that divine essence we can realise God in our hearts.”

As we move to parting our energies I see Ram Dass whole and vibrant and yet he is shining and glowing. He laughs at me and says he looks like Jesus and jokes about wearing his “God Robes.”

There is no goodbye for he is there.