Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Counting Blessings

December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. The sun seems to stand still for a few days as the axis of the earth pauses and shifts direction to bring longer days and new light into the world. Winter solstice can be a time to reflect on our heart’s intention and the direction of our life, a time to rest and count our blessings.

We are blessed by the benevolence of many beings in the universe.
We are blessed by their presence.
We are blessed by all those who empower our lives.
We are blessed by the spiritual strength of our teachers, mentors, fellow practitioners.
We are blessed by our own being.
We are blessed by bright states of goodness and gladness.
We are blessed by our own power and nobility.
We are blessed with open hearts.
We are blessed by stillness.

We are blessed by our practice of mindfulness, concentration, ethical living, and compassion.
We are blessed by recollecting, cultivating, exploring loving awareness.
We are blessed by wisdom arising in our hearts grounded in awareness and altruism.
We are blessed by the stillness of calm abiding.

Let’s sit quietly and count our blessings.

May all blessings take hold, deeply root and blossom within our hearts.
May a shower of blessings rain upon us and emerge from us.

Let’s sit together.
And then, let’s stand up and bless everyone we meet!