Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Go to the Places that Love You

The frustration, doubt, and judgment that plague us are born of fear, fear of being unworthy, too imperfect, somehow. We’re like children who believe they will be more loveable if they tell stories that change the truth of their life.

When I started InsightLA, I wanted to create a welcoming space for insight into truths we can accept about ourselves and begin to share with others as we explore knowing ourselves more.

The truth of who we are is enough.

When we can be loyal to what we truly love, when we learn to love ourselves just the way we are, somehow the world around us is inspired to come closer. We no longer have to stare at love at a distance. Through the practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness, we can be part of love, moment to moment.

It takes time to shift our attention from what we need to do, offer, and be for the world to being willing to receive. Rather than have to be more, can we simply see more? Can we prioritize that which gentles our life lovingly? Can we go for whatever nurtures and feeds trust in our own loveableness?

Whenever you find this trust, stay there as long as you can. Imagine or build a little altar to the places where you feel filled with peace and confidence in your own being. Return to them daily. Wherever you find these places — inside yourself, in your home, or outdoors – go there! May you fill yourself with the light of appreciation, spring warmth, sunshine.  May you find a delicious replenishing of your bodymind, your heart.

The truth of who you are is enough. No need to desire or wish for more. Connect with the reality of who you are with the intention to love yourself, in the spirit of self-compassion and lovingkindness. And in the faith that who you are is enough. The gift of consciously joining who you really are, without wanting to be, do, or have more, is Contentment safety peace love.



Image Credit: T. Goodman