Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Growing Like Kelp

Did you know, in ideal conditions kelp can grow from 12 inches to 24 inches each day? And kelp stores carbon as efficiently as tropical rainforests! I enjoy mentoring our wonderful new crop teachers, watching people grow like kelp in insight, skill, and love. Like the kelp, they will teach us how to transform what we don’t need in our lives, filtering and clarifying experience with mindful awareness, helping each other and our planet.

The kelp in our Pacific Ocean nourishes myriad species who graze on the blades (leaves); it shelters fish, seals, sea-lions and whales who seek safety and refuge in the forest fronds; the anchoring roots are home to anemones, sponges, and starfish. Sea otters take naps wrapped in a kelp frond hammock so they don’t drift out to sea while they’re sleeping.

The ideal conditions for kelp to grow – upwelling cool water, strong rock foundation, sunlight – remind me of the teaching at our center. Why? InsightLA is dedicated to awareness, to the upwelling of nourishment for our hearts, and to providing a stable foundation of mindfulness to light up our lives. Like the refuge and safety of the kelp forest, InsightLA can show us how to rest and relax in our own being without getting lost at sea. Our offerings create a beautiful place for growth for all beings who enter. Come see for yourself!



Image Credit: T. Goodman