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Help on the Way

Today at sunrise, the lavender sky was dotted with little white puff clouds, the kind we often see on summer days in Cambridge, MA, where I lived most of my adult life. There, in the mid-70’s, I was an eager young Zen student and Insight meditation practitioner. Our community was small; we shared experiences, and our Zen Master lived at the center. There was tons of support.

Over these years of watching InsightLA grow, I’ve wished all of you who come to learn mindfulness could enjoy this kind of guidance. I’ve wondered how you could have access to practice tips from folks who are more experienced than your fellow class members may be.

Our teachers are all well qualified to offer this, but often there can be 19 other students in the class. If you’re as shy as I used to be, you might hesitate to voice your personal question in front of the group, or to ask for individual instruction after class.

I’m excited that now, at last, help is on the Way! My long-time dream of making individual support* available to all InsightLA students has come true – thanks to a generous and experienced group of Practice Support Volunteers. You can find them on the website under COMMUNITY (click here).

I’ve known our Practice Support Volunteers for years. Please feel free to turn to them; they are here for you, and want to help.  They are all dedicated, wonderful students. No matter how much experience we have, I hope we all continue to be students, willing to learn, willing to be here each moment for the unfolding of our lives.



*Our Practice Support Volunteers offer pointers and suggestions for your mindfulness practice, not on-going counseling.

Image Credit: T. Goodman