Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

In the Footprint of the Cosmos

“All the footprints of the other animals can fit in that of the elephant, the elephant’s footprint is supreme. In the same way, all skillful qualities are rooted and gathered in mindfulness, and mindfulness is supreme,” said the Buddha. Everyone and everything fits into the supreme ‘footprint’ of loving awareness. Wherever you’re mindful, loving awareness is your home.

With each mindful step you touch the earth. You touch the truth of who you are, just as you are in this particular moment. Right now, can you simply trust what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, feel, without doubt?

Grounded in this ever-changing trust in experience, how might this illumine the way you respond to a woman who is dying, or to a baby, fresh and new? How do you face someone leaving you, someone falling in love with you? How is it getting up in the morning, going to sleep at night?

I’m grateful to all of you friends on the path of mindful, heartful living. Every time we sit together, we remind each other of what we know in our bones: we are held in the larger footprint of the cosmos. Moment by moment, we learn how to drop into the ground of our being, where we can find a newfound sense of our very right to exist. Where we have the confidence to trust our own intuitive knowing. Where we can enjoy life, and love.