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Joy Belongs to Everyone

White pear blossoms drift on the warm breezes, pink cherry trees emerge and spring birds sing the scent of joy and jasmine. Our life blooms in the midst of gladness and sorrow, blizzards and balmy weather. In our mindfulness practice, there is a place for rejoicing — rejoicing in one’s own good work and whatever good fortune we may enjoy. When we’re mindful of the goodness in our own life, we’re naturally more able to participate in the smiles, calm, joy we see in others.

Mudita, or Joy meditation from an 18th century Srilankan text:

How wonderful you are in your being

I’m glad that you are here

I take joy in your good fortune

May your happiness continue

Check out this brief video clip of a toddler reacting to Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, rejoicing in a rare outbreak of thundersnow in Plymouth, MA. The little one has no idea of what Jim’s talking about, but mirrors the excitement and joy.

Research into mirror neurons demonstrates that when we see others enjoying something, the same areas of enjoyment can light up in our own brains. So keep an eye out for small gestures of delight and look for signs of happiness and contentment in others – you can join in and participate, for joy belongs to everyone!

With joy in yours,


Image Credit: T. Goodman