Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

A Limitless Invitation

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Tara is the embodiment of our innate great capacity for compassion. She is lovely, sitting gracefully in her meditation with one leg down, ready to stand up and help any suffering heart calling out to her. Tara extends a limitless invitation to all of us to come experience her ease and joy, right in the midst of life’s challenges.

Mindfulness, too, is a limitless invitation. Wherever you are in your busy life, meditation invites you in — maybe for a few minutes, a few breaths or a pause to look at the sky. Like Tara, InsightLA invites you to experience this in your own life. You can learn how to calm down and sit still. You learn how to BE still, and to stand up with the insights that arise from your moments of stillness to take action in your life in a good way.

Sometimes I long to slide into silence like slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day. When we’re moving fast, it can feel hard to find any quiet inside; things are always changing, we feel up and then down, and then up again. And yet, like the stars in daylight, the stillness is always here, even when we don’t feel connected to it at all.

My deep wish for all of us is to have the courage to trust the silence. In moments of stillness so much can open to us – intuition, intimacy, a vast intelligence, the infinite tenderness of the universe.

May we be fully present for our life, and the life beckoning all around us — extending a limitless invitation: to show up, to listen, to help out, and, to be still.


Image Credit: T. Goodman