Trudy Goodman

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Little by Little, Drop by Drop

In our early class this morning, Deepening Your Practice, several people spoke about having seen Sunday morning sitting group member Sylvie Rokab’s film, “Love Thy Nature.” Elizabeth Rice, our InisghtLA eco-dharma warrior-teacher, spoke on a panel there last night (trailer here: The class shared grave concern for our endangered environment, as well as ideas for global well-being, in a lively conversation about our connection to the natural world and to our own nature.

Given that we’re embedded in a matrix of relationships with the world of nature, it’s heartening to reflect on the importance of small, even tiny, changes – whether in a wing, a paw, or a behavior pattern. Evolution is a cumulative process of transformation happening over time, whose ripple effects can eventually alter the biosphere.

In the same way, changes happen imperceptibly, steadily, in our simple practice of mindfulness; step by step, breath by breath. Like water filling a bucket drop by drop, each fleeting moment of attentiveness gradually fills us with presence. Each gesture of kindfulness matters more than we may ever know.

Through calm observation of our bodies and our minds in meditation, we see moment-by-moment sensations, feelings, thoughts moving, flowing, appearing, vanishing, ever-changing. As we watch this activity of impermanence in our being without reacting, we cultivate wisdom and inner peace. Incremental changes in our attitudes, our intentions, and how we act start to add up! Little by little, we’re headed towards big change –- living an open-hearted, responsive life of compassionate care for ourselves and our planet.

*Photo from the film “Love Thy Nature” directed by ILA community member Sylvie Rokab.