Trudy Goodman

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Love in the Twilight Zone

Perhaps you or your loved ones are among more than 16 million people who have applied for unemployment benefits in the past few weeks. When we’re dealing with trauma like this, sometimes we need to step back. It’s enough to touch the heartache, then take a break and change the channel. Among the terrible news of countless people suddenly without work, I learned that the third season of the entertaining espionage drama “Killing Eve” is being released two weeks early to help lift the spirits of a world in pain!

Sometimes we simply need to divert attention from the intensity of the drama unfolding in our lives and enjoy watching a truly fictional drama. Sandra Oh, one of the two central protagonists in “Killing Eve”, and a long-time student at InsightLA, says about this third season: “…both the central characters wake up to an understanding of their lack of choice, of the oppression of having been controlled by an outside force. We can relate it to this time, when we are all isolated and forced to think of the systems we live under.”

Some of you might remember a sci-fi TV show called The Twilight Zone; each episode featured strange, disquieting events where characters find themselves “in the twilight zone”. We still use this phrase to describe surreal experiences – like the ones we’re all having in the time of COVID-19. Walking in weirdly empty streets, I wonder, what is this? Have we entered a disturbing twilight zone? Could this wind up being a time of regeneration?

The mind oscillates between fear and hope. Fear of loss as the virus reaches every corner of the world, most severely impacting people of color, those living and working in under resourced communities, refugees and other vulnerable populations. Acknowledging the fear and grief, soothing the nervous system with walking and sitting meditation, being kind; these gestures of respect for what we’re going through invite hope and trust. Hope for a renewal of planetary health, trust in the creativity of the human heart, transforming suffering into humor, love, wry wisdom and boundless compassion. Unshakeable trust in the enduring power of love.

Our friends like Sandra, Tara Brach, George Mumford and many others, knowing how vulnerable InsightLA is now, have generously offered to teach for free to help us raise money for our staff and teachers. This is love in action: all the big and little things we do to support one another. Come meditate with us – kindly join the conversation about how we might live sanely and creatively in the great Unknown.