Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Mindful and Joyful

It was very early in the morning. The woman asked me, “How are you this morning?”

I told the truth, “I’m tired – I was out late at the Clippers game last night and I’m still half asleep. How are you?” She smiled, “Every morning that I wake up is a blessing.” The man sitting next to her nodded his head emphatically, “Yes – just to wake up in the morning makes me happy.”

Joy is contagious. Instantly I felt their pleasure in being alive, the simple happiness of waking up to discover a whole new day. I recognized the wisdom of gratitude that lifts us out of self-preoccupation into a quiet joy that can come in the most ordinary moments. Opening our eyes in the morning to see a beam of sunlight across the room, or feeling a cat gently pawing one of our eyelids, hearing a dog padding into the room, a birdsong, a baby calling, a loved one stirring…What creates the circumstances for joy to flow in your life?

Gratitude opened the door to the smiles of my companions on that very early morning with their appreciation for the gift of being alive. The French call it “joie de vivre,” the joy of living.

People come to InsightLA seeking ways to be happier. And we want to be finders, as well as seekers. Each one of us finds the path to joy in our lives through the practices of being mindful AND joyful!

May we and all beings be mindful and joyful,

Image Credit: T. Goodman