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Mindfulness Retreat in Eastern Chad

Joslyn Hitter and I are fortunate to be going to teach mindfulness in the Darfuri Refugee Camp Goz Amer in Eastern Chad (near Sudan) with two iACT team members. On November 5 we embark on our two-week journey. Whenever we have internet, I’ll send posts to let you know what life is like there. With the help of the compassionate humanitarian work of iACT (a tiny-but-mighty non-profit helping people affected by mass atrocities), we can do our part to ease some of the immense suffering of refugees in our world. Just imagine the power we could have if everyone did even one small thing to help those in need.

On this trip we’ll begin to learn about the effects and possibilities of mindfulness training with refugee populations. I’m excited to meet Darfuri children and adults who are eager to learn skills that can lead to peace, compassion, and inner freedom. And I look forward to telling you about our ‘retreat’ with Little Ripples teachers, the refugee-led pre-school program in the camp.

As we mature in our practice of mindfulness and compassion, we can no longer view the world the way we did before. When one person is hungry, homeless, a refugee, so is a part of me hungry, homeless, a refugee. We’re no longer safe in our separateness—we must realize our intimate connection to each and every sentient being, just as the air is part of every gust of wind, and every wave part of the ocean. Belonging to the world in this way, how can we not want our lives to be of benefit for all living beings?