Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Mother of Thousands

For many years, I secretly identified with a plant in my Cambridge psychotherapy office called “Mother of Thousands.” This kalanchoe plant has the amazing capacity to generate countless babies – her offspring grow as a delicate fringe of baby plantlets hanging along the edge of each leaf. Then a little bit of fringe drops off into the soil below and begins a tiny new plant.

I would watch this happen continually as I spent my days in the office teaching healing mindfulness to an endless stream of kids & teenagers, their parents, young adults & alleged grown-ups of all ages. I saw how creating a space of loving awareness held and nourished literally thousands!

Although I no longer practice psychotherapy, the fiercely protective love I feel for all children and their families still propels me to do my inner work. Both meditation and psychotherapy help me see both you and myself more clearly, just as we are. Without the veils of fear and expectation, I can better understand what is truly called for in each moment. As you grow, I grow. What a blessing!

My “Mother of Thousands” plant calls to mind our mindfulness practice, birthing new inner growth. At InsightLA, people appear and hang for a while, drawing sustenance and inspiration from learning how to understand themselves and their lives. Like the fringe on the edges of each leaf, we grow strong in the light of compassionate attention…and then, we can let go and free our hearts – kids of all ages ready to take root in the fertile soil of our own lives.