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My Biggest Birthday Present Ever!

Recently a good friend of InsightLA gave us a gift of $100,000. Doesn’t it make you happy to hear about someone being this generous? We rejoice in his generosity and his ability to make such a wonderful gift. This gift is in honor of my 70th birthday (I’d said I didn’t want any more things but for friends to donate to InsightLA).

The donor said specifically that he wants to inspire a wave of giving to flow through our community, as each of us gives according to our means and ability to sustain our place of practice.

Is there something you like or appreciate about InsightLA? Do you enjoy our Speaker Series, teachers, retreats, classes, or sitting groups? Have you learned to be a little bit more mindful, compassionate, insightful, wise?  You already sustain our community through practice, volunteering, program fees and donations. Yet there is so much more we dream of doing – and can, when the resources are here. We all know the light-hearted feeling that comes with letting go of our inner or outer, material ‘stuff’. Dana, or giving, is meant to bring us joy and freedom.  Every gift counts, like a credit card bill in reverse!  According to the teachings, we each have the capacity to make offerings.

Generosity quietly upholds and protects the whole path to awakening; it frees the heart. On this holiday celebrating freedom, let’s rejoice in giving. On this birthday, I celebrate all of you.  May you grow in the abundance of summer, share wild happiness with a friend, and may your gifts allow InsightLA to thrive.

With gratitude for your support,


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