Trudy Goodman

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National Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This morning I found myself weeping for our beautiful, heartbreaking world. We’re on the cusp of inaugurating a new president and a historic Black, female vice president. This is a hopeful and exciting moment for our nation. The Presidential Inauguration Committee is launching a national Day of Service to help everyone suffering during the pandemic on Monday in honor of Dr. King. Yet, 20,000 troops are descending on the capital and the Washington mall may be closed – not just because of Covid-19, but to protect a celebrating crowd from anticipated violence. Protests for racial justice continue daily. How do we hold all of this?

For those who are not essential workers, being stuck at home for who-knows-how-much-longer is boring at best and unbearable for many. When you’re bored, even disastrous news can be irresistible, almost entertaining, like watching a horror movie. It takes discernment to know when I’m being an informed citizen mindfully extending compassion, and when I’m simply distracting myself, straining already frayed nerves. If you happen to have a case of pandemic fatigue, you may not want to hear what a great opportunity this is to practice self-compassion and learn how to calm your nervous system.

And yet, it is. While we can attend to the compelling issues of our time, we also have to tend our own hearts. Human beings in chronically stressful situations need self-care, healing, and community support. Whatever you are drawn to, I’m nudging you to please nourish your own health and listen to your heart’s innate great wisdom.