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One Life Ends, Another Life Continues

One Life Ends, Another Life Continues

Beverly Berg Wry
1956 – 2021

On Sunday, during the closing talk of the retreat I was teaching with Anam Thubten and Norman Fischer, my dear friend Beverly Berg Wry passed away. A gifted therapist, meditator, clay artist, cross-fit athlete, pianist, mom and wife, Beverly was a hilariously funny friend. Once when I was about to do something foolish and short-sighted, I called Beverly who made me laugh until I got the point. She was a real heart sister. From 2012-2014, Beverly served on our InsightLA board of directors. I looked forward to the meetings we had at her home; she and her husband Brian love to feed people. The snacks were memorable.

In her book, “Loving Someone in Recovery”, Beverly said: The only thing harder than getting along with other human beings in the world, is getting along with one human being living under the same roof. Therapist to the stars, she also brought her life-long study of Buddhist meditation, 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, and her expertise with a vast range of therapy modalities to her work in the chemical dependency field.

Beverly was passionate about whatever she did. Her favorite way to spend time was at a pottery wheel. Collaborating with each ball of clay she threw was a way to learn more about herself and her art. The colors she picked, the designs she chose, the mindfulness required, revealed new dimensions of her own being to share with the world. Check out this sampling of her gorgeous clay art:

Then, Wednesday was my birthday. One life ends, another life continues. Losing my friend is a poignant reminder to cherish everyone I meet, to savor every moment of this precious human life. Beverly said, “I love the freedom of incorporating the imperfections of finished pieces rather than striving for perfection. I see each imperfection as a transparent exposure of what makes me, me.” Life is imperfectly perfect! Moment by moment, just as it is. Awareness is transparent. Mindfulness can expose and embrace imperfections with fond awareness, for each one of us is unique and irreplaceable. Please, don’t hold back – love yourself and those around you with your own big heart.