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Metta Hour Podcast with Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 146 – Vulnerability & Asking For Help w/ Trudy Goodman, PhD

In episode 146 of the “Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg” Trudy shares her personal journey with meditation and psychotherapy and how the two have informed her healing, and her professional path as a teacher and therapist. She and Sharon discuss loneliness, depression and mental health issues that have affected people differently in the pandemic quarantine…. Continue reading


A Return to Wholeness: Caring for the Body-Mind During Turbulent Times

Learn powerful life-nourishing wisdom practices that foster our innate resilience as well as a deep sense of peace, trust and connection. Join Cain Carroll—a master teacher and synthesizer of ancient self-healing arts—and Dr. Josefa Rangel—a Stanford educated medical doctor and integrative medicine specialist—for this eye-opening experiential workshop hosted by Trudy and Myra Goodman, who have both greatly… Continue reading

From Trudy

A Murmuration of Starlings

This past week, I went north of San Rafael to Terra Linda at sunset to stand in an empty parking lot, looking for starlings. As the light fades, huge flocks of the glossy, black birds swirl high above the trees, streaming and swooping in unison above their communal roosting place in the oak and eucalyptus… Continue reading