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The Starry Sky

This is a time to remember vastness and mystery. The year is ending with a cosmic conjunction unseen on Earth for 800 years. InsightLA held an important community gathering and ritual for letting-go of our Olympic and Melrose centers and envisioning the future. We had a stellar and joyous Christmas Eve meditation and singing concert…. Continue reading


Video: Transforming Grief & Trauma into Love

Join InsightLA’s founding teacher Trudy Goodman, Lily Dulan, founder of Kara Love Project and author of Giving Grief Meaning & former NBA World Champion, entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-founder of The Artest University, Metta World Peace for a conversation and practices on how to navigate through grief and trauma and transform it into love. “Discover ways… Continue reading

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To Thine Own Self Be True

I would call Metta World Peace an alchemist, except there was nothing magical about the hard work he did to transform his troubles into triumph with the help of therapy, meditation, yoga. He stepped out of where he came from into where he truly wanted to go without abandoning his roots and his friends. Metta… Continue reading

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Keeping Enlightenment

Yesterday I received a message written by one of the world’s great epidemiologists Dr. Larry Brilliant urging us to “please, please consider everything we do in light of how dangerous this pandemic is right now”. He and other public health colleagues believe we are entering the most dangerous moments in our public health history. And… Continue reading

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Prayer For Our Families

Jaune Evans is a senior priest practicing with Everyday Zen Foundation, leader of Heart of Compassion Sangha in Pt. Reyes, CA. She is a student of Zen teacher and poet Zoketsu Norman Fischer, and the Executive Director of the Tamapais Trust, supporting Indigenous-led initiatives worldwide. I met Jaune for the first time in 1991 when she was… Continue reading