Trudy Goodman


Quest For Eternal Sunshine

Join Trudy Goodman, founding teacher of InsightLA, and Myra Goodman—author, organic farming pioneer and Trudy’s close cousin—for an afternoon devoted to exploring ways to live happily and peacefully in this beautiful, magical world that is also full of intense suffering.

We’ll be doing a deep dive into Myra’s new book, Quest for Eternal Sunshine—A Holocaust Survivors Journey for Darkness to Light, co-authored posthumously with her father, Mendek Rubin.

Mendek managed to overcome immense trauma and decades of depression to become the most peaceful and joyful person Myra has ever known. Mendek was born into a Hassidic Jewish family in Poland in 1924, and grew up surrounded by extreme anti-Semitism. Armed only with an ingenious mind, he survived three horrific years in Nazi slave-labor concentration camps while his entire family was murdered in Auschwitz.

After arriving in America in 1946—despite having no money or professional skills— Mendek came up with inventions that helped revolutionize both the jewelry and packaged-salad industries. Remarkably, he also applied his ingenuity to his own psyche, developing innovative ways to heal himself and reconnect to light and love. Myra found an unfinished manuscript after his death, and has made it her mission to share his remarkable story, powerful wisdom, and messages of love and peace with the world.

Myra will share readings from the book, and together, Trudy and Myra will lead guided meditations and visualization exercises designed to uplift and enliven when times are tough. The keys to healing himself that Mendek discovered can help everyone who wants to cultivate self-love, change habitual thought patterns, let go of identification with trauma, and live generously and happily in the present moment.