Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Ram Dass is Soaring

Waking up today, I see Ram Dass is soaring… That is the word that keeps coming to me every time I see a bird coasting in the wind across the rainy clouds this morning! Ram Dass magically resurrected for the December retreat which he really wanted to do. He swam with us in his beloved ocean again for the first time in many months. Emerging radiant from the sea of love, dripping joy, he beamed that joyful love out to everyone, without exception. And then, yesterday afternoon, he breathed peacefully out of his body. The last time I hugged him, two weeks ago, he felt as light, soft, and bony as an old cat…and now he can soar – free! Ram Dass is fully with his guru, flying loop-de-loops home 💫💙🌈