Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Refreshing Practice

This morning at dawn I brought cushions outside on the little cement stoop in front of my house to sit. I felt peaceful but tired, lackluster, needing to be refreshed by the cool air of early morning and the spaciousness of being outdoors.

In the midst of jetlag and the busyness of coming home, I notice: yes, my meditation is mindful and connected but the magic has slipped away. I know what to do, but I miss being awake to the simple joy and wonder of timeless being. The infinite creativity, love, and mystery of being alive are why I fell in love with meditation to begin with; yet, they sometimes get lost. Mindfulness can become a bit insular. Then I feel like I’m on the outside looking in, instead of on the inside looking out from the vastness of consciousness embracing it all.

I sat outside and listened to the birds singing to each other while light began to fill the world. No longer separate from my mind– or the world –I felt part of what everything seen and felt, relaxed into unified presence. This presence is always here, waiting for us in the timeless NOW, open, unbiased, intelligent, loving awareness. How refreshing to realize this, over and over!

We all lose our inspiration at times and then, just as surely, we are called to wake up again. There is a rhythm to this in our meditation practice. Just notice as the breath breathes and the heart pumps, meditation, too, opens and closes. The beautiful truth is that the minute you notice feeling dull or disconnected, this awareness is a gateway opening back into the mystery.

Meditate. Sit on your stoop, or your cushion, let the breeze ruffle your hair, listen to the birds or the children or the distant roar of traffic – life all around you. Invite your heart to be refreshed.