Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Ring of Joy

Tonight is the April full moon, and the first night of Passover. This full moon is supposed to be a perfect time to plumb our depths, release fears, and commit to embracing life fully — freeing our demons so we can participate in the deep, abiding goodness of life itself.

As the moon was waxing this week, Jack proposed to me at noon, in mid-air, on top of the Santa Monica ferris wheel. I love that 300’ majestic, multi-colored wheel; it spins kaleidoscopic light patterns at night and has comforted me many times since I first moved to LA. This week it became a wheel of JOY!

I’ve been amazed by the outpouring of mudita (unselfish joy) coming our way as you learned of our engagement. Your sympathetic joy melts the walls of loneliness, isolation, and doubt that can separate us humans. My heart overflows with delight in how we reflect each other — this shimmering full moon of happiness shining from you to us, and from us beaming back to you.

Thank you for your smiles and love, for being part of our InsightLA community, for joining Jack and me as we widen our circle of joy. It’s never to late to love and be loved!