Trudy Goodman

From Trudy


Learning how to be still, to step back and be still, to know ourselves as a human Being rather than a human Doing, may be hard to do, but it’s a noble endeavor. At InsightLA, we learn how to quiet the mind – even for a moment or two! – and drink from the deep well of stillness that is always available underneath the mind’s ever-running commentary. In this stillness, no one is a stranger, no one left out. We are kin with all life, with the beauty and wonder of the universe.

In mindfulness meditation, we call it ‘dropping in’ – dropping our past and future distractions, relaxing into fresh awareness of what is. When we regularly find some quiet time to calm down and be still, our personality and concerns inevitably fall away. Personality is just our particular way of expressing who we are to others, how others see us. We can ‘drop in’ to a felt sense of our own being –simple, beautiful, profound. We become the blue sky emerging from June gloom, the sweetness of an apple, the light of the full moon.

Even things that are difficult to bear can be held in a steady quiet gaze – in the stillness, difficulties can be held tenderly in peaceful loving awareness. We can see with eyes of wisdom and compassion. We catch glimpses of what lies on the other side of suffering: the radiant mystery of life. Our ability to be still and know THIS is freedom. This is what emerges from stillness: the awakened heart, the ineffable, poignant beauty of this life.

May stillness find us, every day,

Image Credit: T. Goodman