Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

Survival of the Kindest

Science is showing that mindful participation in a compassionate human life positively affects our bodies’ molecular dynamics. Our very cells know whether we feel lonesome or connected to others. And a pivotal determinant of our health and happiness is our subjective perceptions of isolation or connection which amazingly translates into actual biochemistry in the body that flips on or suppresses the activity of particular genes! Our cells are listening and our genome responding to how we receive the world.

And how extraordinary it is that even a genome marked by history of adversity, can be healed. Our cells are always awake, fluid, permeable…And it turns out that what’s most transformative is having a real sense of meaningful connection to the rest of humanity. The qualities we practice and cultivate at InsightLA — mindfulness, generosity, caring — have the power to transform gene expressions and change the very cells of our being.

Current research on longevity shows survival of the fittest actually turns out to be survival of the kindest. The best gene therapy may be to live a mindful, heartful life — for everything blossoms in the light of tenderness and understanding. The cells in your body, your relationships, your garden, your children, your business, your work — all the things you care about on this earth, all respond to the same spirit of generous loving awareness.

Image Credit: T. Goodman