Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

The Generosity of Springtime

Spring is coming alive! Tender buds and blossoms open into welcome warmth. Songbirds are here again, warbling goodmorning trills as the sun rises. Southern California is softly rousing from winter. Joy pours forth from the boundless generosity of nature, offering nourishment and beauty for all.

Sometimes we forget the endless giving of land, light, trees, night – giving, shining, sheltering, resting. Remembering to receive these compassionate gifts is remembering to be mindfully, mercifully aware of the earth and our way of being here.

Can I be open to what seems to be other? Can I open to what is beyond self and other and see life in a more total, unified way? Can I befriend all of me in my wholeness and beauty? This is the secret to befriending each other and welcoming more of life. It is an act of generosity where there is a completeness in giving and receiving warmth and love. No one, nothing has to be left out of this benevolent equation of generous relationship.

Generosity is the first foundation of limitless goodness. Being generous mentally, emotionally, materially is a most accessible and happy-making form of practice for daily life. With partners, in traffic – in everyday situations, can I relax my grip in every sense? What would it mean, what would it look like for each of us to extend ourselves kindly in our contacts and contexts?

May you and I, may all beings, feel the resonance of benevolent connection, safety and ease. May we take generous care of the gifts we receive and bring to this life. May we enjoy Spring!