Trudy Goodman


The Mindfulness Movement: What Does it Mean for Buddhism?

Diana Winston, Barry Boyce, Melissa Myozen Blacker, and Trudy Goodman address Buddhists’ questions about secular mindfulness: Where are the ethics? Does it go deep enough? Will it help or hurt Buddhism?

The Mindfulness Movement: What Does It Mean for Buddhism?” interviewed four prominent mindfulness teachers. In her introductory comments, Jenny Wilks noted that it is “unhelpful for the debate to become polarized or for it to be based on a lack of understanding of what is actually going on or the motivations of those in either field. Entrenched positions do nothing to unfangle the views and opinions surrounding mindfulness.” Fair enough. Yet, a lack of understanding of the motivations of others, or rather, a misrepresentation of the motivations behind engaged Buddhist concerns, is precisely what we find in the responses of teachers like Diana Winston, Trudy Goodman and Barry Boyce, all of whom depicted the engaged Buddhist concern as an unfounded fear about the “watering down” of Buddhism.

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