Trudy Goodman

From Trudy

The Sacred and the Ordinary

When we meditate, the breath moves in and out in its own natural rhythm. Breathing mindfully is calming and compassionate; each breath sustains our existence, ebbing and flowing, gently rocking us into a more peaceful present. Each breath is a physical manifestation of the movement of life itself.

The ocean breathes. We like to sit by the ocean listening to the sound of the waves sweeping in and streaming back across the sand, wave by wave, moment by moment. Watching the water, we can perceive the deep long breath of the tide rolling in, and away.

And then the cycle of days. At sunrise we witness a day being born.  Maybe we stroll down to the beach at sunset to witness this day dissolving and passing away. A breath comes, a breath vanishes. This is our life. The sacred and the ordinary come together, and we live our life completely.

Relationships sometimes tempt us — whether part of a community, a family, or a work team — to focus on each other’s shortcomings and the ways we disappoint each other.  When we really feel the preciousness of our own lives, we respect the preciousness of other lives. We appreciate the miracle of our living. May we love this moment fully, breathing in, breathing out.

With a deep breath . . .


Image Credit: T. Goodman