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Trudy Goodman on the Your Life in Process Podcast by Dr. Diana Hill

How To Meditate And Why It Matters With Trudy Goodman

What is the difference between meditation and therapy and how can they support each other? How do you start a meditation practice and what are its benefits? Trudy Goodman is a psychotherapist, founder of InsightLA, and expert meditation teacher. In this episode, Diana sits down with Trudy to discuss her twisty-turny life, including her early training with Piaget, her friendship with Jon Kabat-Zinn, and her relationship with Jack Kornfield. At the end of the episode, Trudy shares a simple practice to take mediation off the cushion and into your everyday life.

Episode Segments

  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [00:25] – About Trudy Goodman
  • [03:34] – Trudy’s Early Training With Piaget
  • [08:41] – Trudy’s Path To Meditation
  • [13:08] – The Synergy Of Therapy And Meditation
  • [20:09] – A Gentler Form Of Meditation
  • [21:37] – The Difference Between Zen And Insight Meditation
  • [23:39] – Finding Community In Nature
  • [31:11] – Trudy’s Meditation Practice
  • [32:45] – The Backward Step
  • [38:15] – How To Let Go
  • [42:12] – Where To Find Trudy
  • [46:01] – Your Daily Practice
  • [49:35] – Connect With The Podcast

Key Takeaways

  • Therapy and meditation can support each other, but also offer different advantages
  • Insight Meditation is a gentle form of meditation where you develop an awareness of your inner experience
  • The backward step is a Zen practice to get out of conditioned response and receive what is happening in the present
  • To start a meditation practice it helps to have a vetted teacher and to take a class
  • Nature is a place where we can learn about letting go and can feel less alone

Relevant Resources Mentioned

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