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Welcome dear friend, So honored that you have taken the time to visit. For those who do not know me, my name is Trudy and I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for many years. Sitting in stillness has helped me sustain joy through all the ups and downs of life.   On this site you’ll find an abundance of… Continue reading

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Prayer For Our Families

Jaune Evans is a senior priest practicing with Everyday Zen Foundation, leader of Heart of Compassion Sangha in Pt. Reyes, CA. She is a student of Zen teacher and poet Zoketsu Norman Fischer, and the Executive Director of the Tamapais Trust, supporting Indigenous-led initiatives worldwide. I met Jaune for the first time in 1991 when she was… Continue reading

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Beyond Your Fear

What a tense, roller-coaster of an election week this has been! And what a vivid illustration of how the mind reacts wildly to what it wants – and doesn’t want. However you voted, for me, it was a Tuesday night of tears from not getting what I wanted, followed by elation – time to get… Continue reading

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Darfur United Soccer Club

Yesterday I taught at the Embodiment Conference, wearing my “I VOTED” sticker. In the chat thread, I saw ‘thanks for voting’ and ‘prayers for America’ from some of the international participants. At this time in our world, maybe you, too, are longing for connection and cooperation, for economic, racial and planetary justice. Some of us… Continue reading

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Circles of Light

Many of you met my beloved cousin Myra Goodman when she taught with me at InsightLA and we shared practices from her new book, Quest for Eternal Sunshine, A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Darkness to Light. Now Myra is spearheading an initiative called Circles of Light, a daily meditation practice to connect people who are… Continue reading